Citizen App Review

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The app Citizen helps you report crimes and find out more about local communities. It shows you a map of your neighborhood with a line of incidents. Depending on the severity of the crime, you may also be able to upload video of an incident to show other citizens what’s going on. Using the app is free, and it has a large user base. But the popularity of Citizen is not yet universally recognized, and there’s no guarantee that it will get that much traction.


Despite the positive reviews from users, the app has received mixed reviews. Some critics have argued that it is not the best choice for sensitive data. The app also asks for your location when you download it, which could be problematic for people in sensitive situations. However, it is a good way to keep tabs on your location. This feature will allow you to instantly share any suspicious activity or location with friends. It also lets you send messages to your friends. If you’re concerned about your safety, you can always contact the developer of the app if you have any concerns.

As the app’s name suggests, Citizen was formerly called Vigilante. The company’s CEO, Chris Gomez, has said that the company is trying to create a community where people can protect each other. The company’s new name and mission statement emphasize its commitment to public safety. The new name comes as a result of its focus on public safety. The company’s CEO, Chris Gomes, declined to comment on the company’s future plans, and instead said the company is “moving on.”

In terms of safety, Citizen does not recommend that users use the app, as it encourages vigilantism. In fact, the app warns users to be vigilante and avoid dangerous situations. By enabling SafeTrace, users can trace COVID-19 contacts before police can get to them. Although the company was initially criticized for the recent fire, it has since been adopted by more users. If you have a friend who is involved in a dangerous situation, Citizen will alert them and the police.

Its profile page allows users to invite their friends to join the service. Once a user has signed up, he or she can search for friends who have already signed up for the app. Once they are added, users can send direct messages to them. They can also get support and adjust settings for the app, such as SafeTrace. Aside from monitoring the scanner traffic, the app also offers tools to report crimes in a certain area.

The Citizen app asks permission to access location data. Then, it sends real-time alerts to your contacts. Those who are unsure of what they’re talking about can sign up for the app. If a contact is using the service illegally, the app will warn them. If they have a criminal history, it will notify the authorities of the crime. Once an individual has signed up for the application, they can share information about their friends and family.