How to Use the Citizen App to Stay Safe

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The company behind the Citizen app wants to help the public stay safe by providing alerts about nearby incidents. This app is designed to help people stay safe in their communities, and includes a map showing where crimes are taking place. It also includes a section for you to post comments about an incident, including photos, videos, and maps. Besides viewing the map, the Citizen app also allows you to share the incident with others. There are share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. If you do not want to share the link on your social media account, you can copy the link to your clipboard.

The Citizen app also allows you to add friends. You can add friends and send direct messages. You can also chat with your contacts in the app. In addition, the app offers you support and lets you adjust settings like SafeTrace and notifications. If you find that you are being harassed, you can contact the police to help you deal with the situation. If you think your loved one is violating the law, you can report the incident to the authorities.

The Citizen app also allows you to find friends, who are already using Citizen. You can send direct messages to them and invite them to join the app. If you need support, you can also reach out to the company’s support team. The app also lets you adjust settings and use SafeTrace to find out if your loved ones are following you. The company’s main website explains the process. It will take you through the steps you need to take.

You can also use the Citizen app to track down people you may know in your city. Once you have connected with a friend, the app will ask you for your location. It will then alert your contacts, and they can follow up with you. You can also choose the area of your city and send a direct message. After installing the Citizen app, you’ll be able to track down their location and contact them. If your friend has a COVID-19 number, you can trace them using this app.

The Citizen app was originally called Vigilante. The app was developed by sp0n, a company that marketed itself as a way to combat police brutality. While the app has been widely praised, it’s not always been universally praised. Its app does not offer an alternative solution to police brutality. But it does give people the ability to record what is happening around them. The app is free to download, and it covers 22 cities.

After setting up a profile on the Citizen app, you can also invite your friends to use the service. Using the app, you can search for people in your area and send them direct messages. In addition, you can contact the developer of the app through the help of live chat, but you can also contact the company via their customer service line. They are also available on the website itself. The Citizen app is available in many countries, and is free to download.