An Overview Of Immigration

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An Overview Of Immigration

Immigration is the international migration of individuals to a foreign destination country either as legal permanent resident or non-permanent resident, either for business or for other purposes, usually to reach a different country altogether. The immigration law covers the right of an immigrant to live and work in the country he/she is migrating to. The term immigration has different interpretations in different countries. It can be immigration for business or for pleasure, or both.

All individuals who are willing to leave their native country to settle permanently in another country have the right to migrate legally. There are several rules that are applicable to all migrants and the governments of the countries that they would like to migrate to. The first and most important rule of immigration is that an immigrant must seek and take admission into the country he/she wishes to reside in. This rule also says that an immigrant cannot be deprived of his rights to live and work in that country for two years if he or she had gone through the procedure of legally entering the country and is still present and eligible to work there.

Another rule is that all immigrants must have the opportunity to change their status from one permanent residence to another. In order to qualify for this right, a person needs to undergo immigration procedures and prove his or her eligibility. The procedures of changing status may differ depending on the government of the country and the gravity of the crime committed by the immigrant while he or she was a Permanent resident. Therefore, it is necessary for the immigrants to know and understand these rules regarding immigration before they make applications to change their status.

Compared to the United States, the rates of crimes committed against immigrants in the United States are significantly lower than in Mexico and Peru. However, it should be noted that immigrants comprise a large part of the population in each of these three countries; thus, the rates of crimes committed against them may not be accurate. Nevertheless, it is good to know that the rate of crimes against foreign-born persons is five times lower than against native-born citizens.

According to the latest U.S. Census data, there are 3.9 million immigrants living in the United States. Of these, two-thirds are born outside the United States, thus, making the foreign-born population much higher than the national population. Almost a quarter million immigrants reside in just five large metropolitan areas: Los Angeles Riverside Orange County, San Diego San Jose Orange County, Chicago Washington D.C. and Atlanta. In short, immigrants can be found in almost every big metro area across the country.

Although there are various rules regarding immigration, the process itself is generally smooth and fast. For instance, after completing the paperwork required, potential migrants can get an immigrant visa. Once approved, the immigrant will be able to apply for an adjustment to the status. While waiting for approval, the applicant cannot leave the country. If all these steps are followed, many immigrants find life in the U.S. very pleasant.