The Importance of Immigration

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For millions of people around the world, leaving home for a new country is a major step in life. Some people move for work, others to reunite with family members or pursue a dream. Still others leave their countries to escape persecution or poverty. All of these migrations create far-reaching changes in the places they call home.

Immigration benefits all Americans in many ways. It fills our labor force, and increases GDP and average wages. It fuels innovation and entrepreneurship by adding workers with skills that employers would otherwise have trouble finding in the native-born population.

It helps bolster the national birth rate, which has fallen to historic lows and can lead to a decline in labor force participation and reduced demand for housing and other goods, and it brings young workers to replace baby boomers entering retirement. It also adds energy and dynamism to our economy by providing a new source of demand for the services of government and private businesses, including schools, hospitals and transportation systems.

Immigrants are less likely than native-born citizens to use welfare, and they contribute a larger share of their income to taxes, helping fund government actions like building roads, improving schools, modernizing water systems, and running courthouses. They are also more likely to start companies, and they bring new ideas and perspectives into the workforce and culture.

As a result, immigrants have helped save and revitalize many urban areas that were losing population; made possible the growth of cities such as Las Vegas and Orlando that had never been more than small towns; and resuscitated far-flung rural communities. It is no wonder that immigrants have become the face of America’s changing and diverse society.

Moreover, immigrants have a deep sense of loyalty to their adopted homes and are very active in civic life. In fact, more than a quarter of all voters are immigrants or children of immigrants, and their influence on American politics is significant.

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