Trace a COVID-19 Contact With the Citizen Mobile App

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A new mobile app from Citizen has made its way to Android and iOS. Users can get notifications about road closures, police and helicopter activity, and incident maps right on their devices. The app even features a share button that lets users share incidents with their friends on Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. The app is designed to be easy to use and includes tools to help users stay safe. This tool helps you avoid falling victim to scams, as it lets you trace people you’ve exposed to the virus.


The Citizen app works similar to police scanner apps. It opens up the emergency response system to the general public. The app uses radio antennas in major cities to monitor 911 communications. The team at Citizen will screen the information and create short alerts that can be pinged to people within a quarter-mile of the incident. The app is free to use and available in 22 cities. For more information, visit the Citizen website. If you are not a user of the app, you can learn more about the app.

The Citizen app asks for location data, which it then uses to send notifications to your contacts in real-time. The app also includes a SafeTrace feature that helps users track down COVID-19 contacts. Using the app, you can choose a city and/or area to report suspicious activities. The app allows users to search for suspicious activity and send alerts to their contacts. The Citizen app also offers a feature that lets users trace a person using the information provided.

The Citizen app has several features that make it useful. It allows users to report crimes in their local area. Its safety alerts are based on a map and allow you to search for people nearby. When an alarm is triggered, the app automatically sends alerts to all your contacts. It also offers a feature that helps you trace a COVID-19 contact. The Citizen app has a map that you can access when you’re a part of a city or an area.

The Citizen app has been a popular choice among users for emergency alerts. It works by using radio antennas in major cities to monitor 911 communications. Once an alert is generated, it is sent to all those within a quarter-mile radius. Once a person is within a quarter-mile of an incident, the app pings their smartphone with a notification. If an individual has a COVID-19 contact, they can then call Citizen Protect to trace them.

While the app’s location feature is similar to police scanner apps, it is designed to be more specific. For example, Citizen has an option to ping a city or an area if an incident is a crime. The app is available on iOS and Android, and covers 22 cities across the US. But it needs to be installed on all devices, not just a smartphone. It is available for all major mobile operating systems. There are other ways to monitor a city’s security.