The Definition of a Citizen

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A citizen is an individual with certain rights and obligations. Citizens can also be the primary agents of law-making and political action. The role of a citizen may be a political or private one, depending on the context. A citizen may have little time to engage in political activities, and may entrust this role to others. In constitutional democracies, a liberal model of citizenship is the norm. However, the republican critique of citizen passivity persists.

A citizen’s rights and obligations vary from country to country. For example, a person who holds citizenship in a country may be allowed to vote, hold government offices, and collect unemployment insurance payments. Citizenship also gives a person a certain level of protection and support from the government. Citizens are also expected to follow the laws of their home nation.

Citizenship is a legal status that most commonly refers to a person’s status as a citizen of a nation-state. However, it may also apply to a subnational entity. In such cases, residency requirements and other restrictions may apply, enabling a person to participate in political affairs and enjoy certain government benefits. Citizens of subnational entities are sometimes considered citizens of the state in which they reside. For example, in Switzerland, citizenship is based on a canton or commune. In Finland, citizenship is given to a special province within the country.

Historically, the concept of citizenship was associated with cities and mercantile communities. During the medieval period, citizenship was associated with middle class folk, and citizens in those cities were known as burghers or grand burghers. Citizens had special rights and privileges, but the definition of citizenship was ambiguous, and often dependent on the state’s political and philosophical traditions.

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As with many human rights, the definition of citizenship varies. It is a dynamic concept that is constantly evolving within a society. It extends beyond basic kinship bonds, indicating membership in a political body. It usually involves some kind of political participation, which can range from token acts to active service within the government.

Citizenship is a privilege, but it also comes with many responsibilities. People who move to a country are often granted citizenship. They are then responsible for integrating into society.