What Is a Citizen?

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A citizen is a native or naturalized member of a state or nation. This person owes allegiance to the government, has rights, and is eligible for the privileges and franchises of a city. However, what exactly is a citizen? Let’s look at a couple of examples. A citizen is a person who resides in a certain city. A deer, for example, is a citizen of our woods.


The name Citizen was changed to avoid confusion with the app Vigilante, which encourages users to go to crime scenes to report crimes. Although this is a good idea, safety experts have warned that such a practice may actually cause paranoia. Further, the app also allows users to comment on reported crimes, and the host of the program often uses racial language to encourage this behavior. Nonetheless, the public safety goal of Citizen is well worth its struggles, and it is important that the company has a clear strategy for growth.

The company’s latest product, Citizen Protect, is still in the testing phase. Its CEO said in an interview that it is not ruling out more rewards in the future. The company is focused on the public’s safety and is evaluating whether this new product will help the community. For now, the only thing it can guarantee is that its app will remain a useful tool for the community. A $20-per-month service, Citizen Protect, lets users videochat with a live employee. But it was met with some criticism as the product’s features are not user-friendly enough for some people.

While the app has seen some success in recent years, it has also faced criticism for its controversial nature. According to Apptopia, the app has been downloaded 11.7 million times since its debut in 2016. While the app has been categorized as a news app in the app stores, its popularity spiked during national protests against police violence. Despite the negative press, the company plans to expand rapidly to serve a larger audience. If you live in a city that’s plagued with violent crime, the Citizen application may be your answer.

Some of the problems with Citizen’s information are unreliable. Some posts are false, despite being confirmed by police officers. Moreover, the accuracy of Citizen’s information is questionable. This app is classified as a news app in the app stores. But many users use the app regularly. Despite its limitations, it has gained some traction, but it’s not the most reliable news source. Its content can be misleading.

Citizen has had a relatively successful first year in the app stores. The app has been downloaded over 11 million times. Its growth has been consistent in the last two years, and users are generally consistent in their use of the app. The company categorized the app as a news service in the apps store, so it’s not surprising that it’s not categorized as a “news” application. Its popularity peaked during protests over police violence across the country.